California’s Opportunity Zone Strategy

As noted in a recent paper by The Governance Project, a leading community development, states need to take an active role in OZ implementation.

In short, a state’s competitive edge for on OZ implementation will come for those states which (1) have a clear public investment vision; (2) support their local communities to act and think differently about how they develop project portfolios; and (3) engage potential investors and steer co-investment into the state’s most compelling pipeline of investable and “de-risked” projects.

On the need for a state investment vision, the good news is that California has one – it’s built around climate, sustainability, equity and environmental justice as core values.   

California’s core OZ strategy for 2018 is focused on investable pipeline development and community engagement.   The state’s inter-agency OZ working group is reaching out to both California communities and investors to highlight how co-investment in transformative climate communities and other pre-existing local and state investments in designated OZ areas can offer co-investment opportunities for newly-forming OZ Funds, in line with the state’s vision of a sustainable and equitable future.

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