Regional Investments

Current Regional Investments of Note

UC Merced 2020 Project

The University of California’s newest campus is in the midst of a $1.3 billion capital expansion that will attract more world-class faculty, support its talented students and provide cutting edge academic and research facilities for 10,000 people. Learn more about UC Merced 2020 Project.

Mid-California International Trade District at Castle

This initiative is currently transforming one of the West Coast’s largest former air force bases into a 2,000 acre multimodal manufacturing and logistics hub. Learn more about Mid-California International Trade District at Castle project.

Valley Rail Altamont Commuter Express (ACE) Train to Silicon Valley

Slated to be complete within a decade, the Valley Rail ACE train is a convenient and fast commuter option with convenient connections between Merced and the Silicon Valley.  Recently passed slate legislation (SB1) provided $400 million in funding to enable the ACE commuter rail train to be expanded to downtown Merced by 2027. Learn more about ACE project.

Current Local Investments

City of Merced: Current Projects (Map)

More than 40 projects are in development in anticipation of the area’s economic growth.  View the City of Merced: Current Projects map.

Active Subdivisions (Map)

New homes are in development to accommodate California’s fastest growing community. View Active Subdivisions map.

Downtown Investment and High Speed Rail

The siting of a High Speed Rail station in Merced has spurred development in its vicinity. View Downtown Investment and High Speed Rail map


Complete and Forthcoming Downtown Projects in anticipation of High Speed Rail (Map)

The siting of a High Speed Rail station in the heart of Downtown Merced has spurred strategic development in its vicinity. View map.

El Capitan Hotel

A renovated boutique hotel operated by San Francisco-based Joie de Vivre is under development and is expected to open in 2020.

Historic Tioga Hotel/Apartments

The tallest building in Merced is being converted into market-rate lofts.  Renovations began in Summer 2018. Read more about this project.