Stockton Is Seizing the Moment to Build For Tomorrow

Located in California’s Central Valley, Stockton is situated within the Northern California Megaregion – less than an hour away from the state capitol and slightly over an hour away from the Bay Area and Silicon Valley. As the 13th largest city in California, Stockton’s unique topography, warm weather, and central location has allowed the city to thrive through a diverse economy. The city’s employment base is currently dominated by manufacturing and logistics, healthcare, agriculture, education, and administration. Higher learning institutions including the University of the Pacific, San Joaquin Delta College, and CSU Stanislaus-Stockton Center provide a pathway to four-year and two-year degree programs.

With Mayor Tubbs’ vocal national support of Opportunity Zones and their potential for Stockton, we’re thrilled to explore how this tax incentive tool can catapult our city forward. We look forward  to partnering with investors to marry community need with growth opportunities unlocked by our promising new leadership. Nationally, Stockton will continue to lead a conversation on how to equitably invest in our people and our places.

As CityLab’s innovation report details, Stockton’s proximity to Silicon Valley connections “could unlock a new set of opportunities to bring creative minds, startup mentors, and investment capital to Stockton from across the Altamont Pass.”

With the approval of 19 Opportunity Zones, the City of Stockton has identified a number of shovel-ready opportunity sites and projects – ranging from multifamily housing developments and land parcels, to early-stage entrepreneurial incubators. Home to a major inland deepwater port, the largely underdeveloped waterfront real estate is primed for a renaissance.

The following pages articulate the abundance of opportunities that Stockton offers – whether that is taking advantage of Stockton’s unique geography, investing in businesses and our workforce, or building the infrastructure that will make our city more livable and sustainable.

Downtown Infill Development and Revitalization

Downtown Stockton offers a unique opportunity for mixed use or residential development in the heart of the city. Downtown Stockton is home to a number of governmental offices and major event venues. It also includes the downtown waterfront and municipal marina. Development in the downtown area has the potential to leverage the professional workforce and thousands of visitors to the area.

  • Open Window Project (Phase I) – Approved Master Development Plan envisions 230 market-rate housing units and 92,000 sf of commercial space covering 15 blocks in downtown Stockton
  • University Park – 61,000 sf of available commercial/medical space located in the Master Development Plan area with CSU Stanislaus-Stockton Center
  • North Shore – 13 acres of underutilized, privately-owned waterfront property with direct access to the San Joaquin Delta River
  • Waterfront Property – 9 acres of vacant land along the downtown waterfront with pedestrian promenade
  • Historic City Hall – 1926 Roman-Ionic style municipal building available for adaptive reuse

Industrial Development

Stockton’s industrial, manufacturing, and logistics industries continue to thrive with its central location, multiple points of access for product distribution, and large supply of a workforce. Development plans and available land near the airport and railway access terminals offer the opportunity for development of industrial space and/or development of space to service the hundreds of workers in the area.

  • Airpark 599 Business Park – 500 acres of vacant land adjacent to the Stockton Metropolitan Airport. The master-planned business park envisions office, industrial, airport related, retail, and hospitality.
  • NorCal Logistics Center – 146 acres of vacant land located within a 342-acre industrial park which includes five occupied buildings and permit-ready sites for light industrial development.
  • Airport Way Corridor – Multiple vacant lots of various sizes available for retail, office, commercial or industrial development along a major corridor between the San Joaquin County Fairgrounds and the Stockton Metropolitan Airport.

Innovation and Business Investment

Stockton’s diverse workforce also includes creative and dynamic entrepreneurs. A number of business coworking incubators and creative collaborative spaces have opened and expanded within the last few years along with a strong interest in a culinary (kitchen) incubator to cater to Stockton’s gifted culinary artists.

  • Huddle Cowork – Innovation hub featuring co-working and event space for entrepreneurs of startup businesses
  • Café Coop – A collective workspace and launch pad for ideas
  • HATCH Workshop – Training, workshops, live/work, and design space for professional and emerging arts and makers
  • ConSol USA, Inc. – A recruiting company aimed at training individuals for meaningful, in-demand, technology-focused careers.
  • Culinary Incubator – A food hall or co-op with commercial kitchen spaces for food entrepreneurs