Long Beach Launches Special Website Promoting Its 19 Op Zones

The City of Long Beach is an exciting large city with an engaged community, convenient transportation infrastructure, business-friendly governance, and a mild climate. With a population of 470,130, Long Beach is the second most populous city in Los Angeles County.  Workforce can access the Los Angeles and Orange County markets within minutes – creating a magnitude of opportunity to attract talent from surrounding cities.   This accessibility makes Long Beach a vital hub in the emerging tech corridor in Southern California.  In addition, national air travel is available through the Long Beach Airport which is a mere 8-mile drive from Downtown; with Los Angeles, International Airport only 24 miles away.

In 2016, Sunset Magazine named Long Beach “SoCal’s coolest beach town”.  Being the state’s seventh largest city, Long Beach is rich in architectural history, unique shops and restaurants, and has multiple neighborhoods with unique characteristics and amenities to offer.  This boom of development only continues to grow, as 2019 will see the completion of the Civic Center which is the largest P3 (Public-Private Partnership) project in the United States.  Additionally, a beautiful shopping/dining/entertainment experience, 2nd and PCH, is slated for completion in Summer of 2019, creating a gateway from Orange County to the City.  Finally, by the end of 2019, it is estimated that over 2,500 new housing units will be ready for residents.   This combination of urban amenities, multi-modal accessibility, business-friendly proclivity, and adjacency to the beautiful Pacific Ocean, makes the City of Long Beach a compelling city to explore business opportunities.

The City of Long Beach continuously promotes a business-friendly environment through events and streamlined permitting processes.  With over 154 businesses making the decision to call Long Beach home in the last year, it’s safe to say our business environment is thriving.   19 census tracts have been identified as Opportunity Zones within the City of Long Beach, yielding 2300 acres of possible development in these underserved communities.  The City is choosing to take an active role in promoting this program through outreach with developers and investors.  Additionally, the City has created an informative website about Opportunity Zones, which includes and interactive GIS map that clearly outlines the zones and the parcels located within them.

The link to their website can be accessed HERE.

Project in an Opportunity Zone_The Huxton City of Long Beach

2nd and PCH Project City of Long Beach

Civic Center City of Long Beach

Project in an Opportunity Zone Inkwell City of Long Beach

Project in an Opportunity Zone The Linden City of Long Beach